Researches and publications

The Global Human Resource Management Casebook

Published by Routledge (UK) in the frame of the Academy of Management HR Ambassador program.

This book is a collection of business teaching cases, focusing on Human Resource Management issues around the world. Each case is based in a single country and illustrates one or more significant challenge faced by managers and HR practitioners. The influence of the unique national cultural and institutional context upon the issues in the case is emphasized. In total 32 unique and original cases are presented, each from different national contexts. Every case is followed by a set of questions for use in class discussion or private study of the cases.

We have contributed to the book by one of the HR Innovator Awards winning case studies:

An On-line Game for Recruiting IT-Programmers at an American Subsidiary in Hungary (Dr. József Poór, Iris Kassim & Dr. Lajos Reich)

Human Resource Management Reference Book

A comprehensive reference book on human resource management published by CompLex Wolters Kluwer Group in 2016.

We have contributed to the book with several case studies:

  • Case study 1: Applying the behavioral events interview techniques at ABC company (Dr. József Poór, Iris Kassim, Imola Józsa)
  • Case study 7: GE Healthcare: Bitfection, gamified recruitment (Dr. József Poór, Dr. Lajos Reich, Iris Kassim)
  • HR Innovator Awards Case Study compilation

Management Consulting Reference Book – Innovation-reformation-sustainability

A comprehensive reference book on management consulting published by Akadémiai Kiadó in 2016.

We have contributed to the book with the 16th chapter on Human Resource Consulting (authors: Dr. József Poór, Gergely Németh, Dr. György Szretykó & Iris Kassim)

This chapter introductes the historical evolution of human resource management as a corporate management function in relation with the corresponding human resource management consulting services. The chapter provides introspection to the areas and content of various human resource management consulting services and categories of the players of the HR consulting market. It also discusses the various trends of the market and the possible emergence of new HR consulting areas.

Organizational effectiveness and future challenges of Human Resource Management

In 2015, the Society of Management Innovators and the Management and HR Research Center of Szent István University initiated a unique research in cooperation with SAP Hungary and Investors in People Hungary.

Main objective of the research was to investigate the characteristics of the operational culture of Hungarian organizations and to gain insight into how applied organizational processess and HR practices influence the success and competitiveness of organizations.

With the participation of 226 Hungarian HR professionals we also investigated the most challenging HR functional areas of 2015 and the main development focuses of HR professionals for the year 2016.

Research team:

  • Iris Kassim, Co-founder @ Society of Management Innovators
  • Annamária Frajna-Piller, Co-founder @ Society of Management Innovators
  • József Poór, Director @ Management and HR Research Center of Szent István University
  • Gábor Majoros, Cloud Sales Manager @ SAP Hungary
  • Krisztina Horváth, HR Director @ SAP Hungary
  • Gergely Karkiss, Marketing Director @ SAP Hungary
  • Gábor Turóczi, CEE Presales Expert @ SAP Hungary
  • Gábor Csóti, Managing Director @ Investors in People Hungary
  • Marianna Milbich, Partner @ Investors in People Hungary

Research report (in Hungarian)

Szervezeti sikeresség és a jövő HR kihívásai

European Workforce Analytics Research

Workforce Analytics has become a hot topic recently as there is a growing demand for data-driven decision making to drive strategic actions that impact critical business outcomes. While there is a general agreement among HR professionals that Human Resource initiatives have a significant effect on business performance, it is more controversial whether Return on HR Investments can be precisely calculated. Nevertheless, – as you will see through the case studies presented in our report – there are a few pioneering organizations, who already are beyond the novitiate in the journey towards developing solid Workforce Analytics capabilities.

On behalf of Stamford Global, we surveyed 255 European business and analytics professionals to investigate whether or not the mass of European organizations are to follow the latest trends of setting up a more analytical and factbased HR function.

Along with presenting the findings of our Europe-wide research of applied Workforce Analytics practices we invite you on a journey to get acquainted with how Workforce Analytics efforts may be leveraged.

Research report:

Iris Kassim & Mihály Nagy (2015): The State of Workforce Analytics in Europe

European Employee Engagement Researches

The ‘European Employee Engagement Survey’ research was conducted on behalf of Stamford Global in 2010, 2012 and 2014 with the total participation of almost 450 European Human Resource professionals. As employee engagement is widely considered as a possible significant driver of business results, increasing attention has been paid to those human resource and engagement practices that may contribute to effective engagement management and consequently, improved organisational performance. Main objectives of the research were to reveal the acknowledgement of the employee engagement concept in the European region, to explore the variety of human resource and engagement practices being applied by European organisations and to investigate their relationship with certain employee aspects such as employee morale and engagement as well as organisations’ talent attraction and retention ability.

Research report and related publications:

Related conference presentations:

  • Iris Kassim (21 March 2013): Employee Engagement – from a new perspective, 6th National Management Consulting Conference /Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry/
  • Iris Kassim (10 October 2014): Employee Engagement and Human Resource Practices in the CEE region and Europe, Competitiveness of the CEE region in the Global Economy Conference /Academy of International Business/
  • Iris Kassim (30 October 2014): Employee Engagement practices in the European region – 6-year reflection, 7th National Management Consulting Conference / Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry /
  • Iris Kassim (2014. december 2): International Employee Engagement and HRM practices – European and Global perspectives, HRM solutions in the a 21st century – spotlight on NGO-s and for-profits conference /Hungarian Association of HR Professionals/